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Why Join an Odyssey of the Mind Team

Odyssey of the Mind is an opportunity to learn

Joining an Odyssey of the Mind team provides you with the opportunity to learn creative problem solving, teamwork, brainstorming, self-reliance, and respect for individual strengths -- unique, unforgettable experiences that will serve you now and in the future.

Odyssey of the Mind is different

Odyssey of the Mind is different than other team, club or sports activities you might have been involved in.

Odyssey of the Mind is about your team solving a problem or creating presentation with your own ideas. Although you have a coach to support and advise you, all the ideas and the work on the solution comes from the team members. One of the most important parts of our program is that nobody outside the team (not even your parents, friends, or teachers) can contribute ideas or participate in designing or constructing the solution.

Odyssey of the Mind is a different experience than classroom education. In our programs you learn by doing, learn by thinking of and creating your own solution, learn to work with, create ideas, build your solution and presentation with others.

Odyssey of the Mind is fun

Seeing your solution come together is exciting. Brainstorming and evaluating a variety of ideas is stimulating.

It is fun to meet the other teams and see their solutions and presentations for your problem and other problems.

In addition to the long term problem, at the competition, your team will be presented with a Spontaneous problem which you must solve or respond to in a matter of minutes. Competing in and practicing for Spontaneous can be fun, while also sharpening your creative and quick thinking skills.

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